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As you listen to the music, please know it is dedicated to:

  my husband,

my wonderful  family,

and maybe to some of you - this may seem silly but

I include our beloved pets of whom

we no longer have with us.

You are sorely missed.

Last but not least I include all of you for the continued

encouragement that has been given to me recently

and over the years. Without that continued

love and support, none of this would be possible.

Hello, my name is Susan K ...

If you are new here, please take time to read

everything below - it is things you need to know.


About My Daily Dose

Here you will view my Daily Dose pages which are published daily - Monday through Friday of each month.  I began doing these pages in the year 2004 and mailed only to a few friends and family members. Now my mailing has grown and I now have hundreds of subscribers! It is something I love to create and I enjoy sharing inspiration.

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Here you will enjoy some great graphics, music, pictures, read quotes and poems, cartoons, floral pictures, recipes, bible scriptures, my showing of support for our military, animal and other causes to click on daily, and sometimes more. I celebrate God's love and his word and American holidays and decorate for each
of them and for the changing of the seasons.

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